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Operate in multiple markets? Want to dominate each one? Let’s do it!

Location pages are utilized to lure niche organic audiences to your main site. Each page is individually ranked on Google, and has the added benefit reducing the amount of competition when prospects use key phrases like “sell my house fast in Roseburg, OR”.

Are You Ready To Expand Your Business To A Larger Area?

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If you’re a real estate investor or agent who is looking to create a strong foundation for your SEO efforts, then Location Pages building should be a key part of your SEO strategy.

 Each page will use your home page key word (“Sell my house fast [market city]” for investors and “Real estate agents in [market city]” for agents) and rank not only individually, but help with your overall site rankings. One good lead and these pages pay for themselves!


“My Carrot site is killing it”

“My Carrot site is killing it. March we did 81k, April was a little soft but we are set up for 4 closings in May already. I’m on the bottom of page 1 for my keywords but I’ve been doing PPC. I have used every resource you guys offer.”

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Ready To Start Generating Leads In Multiple Markets?

How Location Pages Help You Get More Traffic To The Same Website

A searcher (seller, buyer, tenant, lender, etc.) tends to localize their search by putting their location in the search. This could be their city, their state, county, etc.

So if we know this, shouldn’t we have a specific page on your website optimized for each market that you operate in? Yep, you sure should!

#1 Ranking With A City Specific Page

As an example, if you search “we buy houses Bakersfield,” you’ll see that the #1 result on that page is a Carrot member’s site who created a city-specific page for the Bakersfield market. If you click on that page, you’ll notice that the page that’s ranking there is not their home page but is instead a city-specific page that they created and optimized using the Carrot SEO Tool built into our system.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

You give us a list of up to 10 cities and we will build location pages for you, each targeting a specific city from your list.

Step 2

Each of these pages will be modeled off of your home page, but we’ll re-write enough of the content to make it specific to each city
so that you don’t have to worry about publishing duplicate content.

Step 3

We’ll create internal links for each page that we created and add them to either the sidebar or footer section of your site.


Carrot team crushed it again with another one of my sites. It is starting to quickly move up through the Google rankings. Just give it time and leads will be flowing in!


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