Learn To Rank Your Real Estate Website…The Right Way

Getting to the top of Google feels amazing. You can do it. You just need a solid plan and the tools to do it. Lucky for you, we have created a training that will do just that.

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See The Exact Plan I Followed To Rank My Carrot Website

Consistently Rank Your Real Estate Websites

Every day I hear real estate investors give up on SEO and say it’s too hard and they don’t have the time. The reality is that real estate investors have figured it out and put in the time to get ranked, and you know what, they enjoy the top spots on Google, where they are raking in the leads, closing deals, and making serious profits.

So how do YOU get in on the action?

For starters, if I were you and I would find an expert in the industry. I would learn everything I can from them because they have the created results. Carrot helped its members generate 64,499 last month alone. Most of these are from SEO.


“Dude, the 3LPD training is outstanding. 
I’ve learned so much.Great value at $99″

TIM PORTNER Tim Buys Austin Houses

“The 3 Lead Per Day training was awesome and helped me understand applicable action steps to actually get results.

ADAM MACIAS Adam Buys Houses Company

“…the leads I get from my website are SO good!

“I’ve dialed back my direct mail because the leads I get from my website are SO good! I convert them at almost 50%.  Now I just need more!!”


Inside The 3LPD Training

We have built this SEO training course to teach you everything we know about ranking websites in Google search (and it works for other search engines as well).

Nearly every major city has a Carrot site ranked in the top spot on Google. It’s not because they are lucky or have some secret sauce, it’s because they know how SEO works and have a plan.

The 3lpd training is YOUR plan to getting ranked.

Inside the training, you will get…

  • A clean layout with helpful tips on where to start
  • 9 modules
  • 55+ videos
  • Helpful checklists
  • Specific strategies to help you rank
  • Our world-class customer support team to answer questions

More about Carrot 🥕

Starting in college we got bit by the real estate bug and it hasn’t left us since.

Investing in rental properties, mini-storage, and commercial office buildings on a small scale. But, one big passion that has grown for us over the years is learning how to leverage technology to help us do things easier, more quickly, and get better results.

Learn more about Carrot here.

Get Access To The 3LPD Training

Once you have access you will be able to work through the course and get help from our world-class support team.


“…just put our first Carrot lead under contract.”

“I am so impressed with you, your team and the results from following your step by step direction. We’ve been live on Carrot for 5 weeks and have had a handful of leads. In fact, we just put our first Carrot lead under contract.”

KEVIN CLANCY American Funding Group


What if everyone has this training?

Plain and simple: even if everyone had it, they wouldn’t implement all of it. I’ve seen complete beginners rise to the top in literally the MOST competitive environments (i.e. Los Angeles) using this because they actually followed all of it to the letter.

I feel like it’s too late for me to gain ground on everyone else implementing training like this.

See my answer above. Most people will not implement everything in here. And that gives you a distinct advantage. Even if all you do is make it page 1 of Google (instead of ranking #1) you will be getting a stream of highly motivated seller leads coming in — and all you have to do is contact & close them before anyone else does.

How much work does this involve?

Roughly 30 minutes per day. It’s easy to outsource to a VA.

Is this up to date with the latest Google updates?

Yes! We update this training every quarter with Google’s latest changes. Our entire business revolves around SEO, so we are on top of everything Google is doing.

Do I need a Carrot website for this to work?

No. This will work with any website, whether it’s a Carrot site or one that a designer custom-made for you. (Although I can guarantee that, all things being equal, an InvestorCarrot site would mop the floor with any other site in natural SEO rankings due to our “baked in” backend technology.)

Does this work with other lead sources (cash buyers, note buyers, rent-to-own tenants, etc)?

Yes! In fact you’ll find it works even better for these leads than strictly motivated seller leads. Many of our members have cash buyer leads coming in on autopilot at the same time they have motivated sellers coming in.