Facebook Ads Quick Start

Ready To Generate Leads On Facebook With The Help Of An Expert & NO Monthly Management Fee?

Who Is The Facebook Ads QuickStart For?

The quickstart is a perfect fit for those who want to have their marketing in house but would like the expertise of Silver Street. We will set up the account just the same as if we were building it for ourselves.

The best part?

There are no ongoing management fees. Once your account is set up our work is done, and you will have complete control and ownership of your Facebook Ads account.

Our experts can help you realize the full potential of Facebook Ads marketing as a critical component to your ongoing lead generation efforts.

What Is Included With The QuickStart?

  • Facebook Advertising Professionals Set Up your Account
  • Lead tracking so you know exactly how many leads have been generated for your business
  • Dynamic Facebook Ads
  • Conversion tracking
  • Retargeting Pixel Installation
  • Multiple Targeting Layers
  • Custom upload of direct mail, cold calling, text & other data lists to Facebook
  • 5 Base campaigns plus a custom campaign if desired
  • Budget coaching
  • Placement & Platform selection
  • Overview video going over your new account, where to find results, leads & how it works in case you want to make any changes in the future.

The Biggest Benefits Of Doing This QuickStart Are:

  • Facebook Ads can be used to drive traffic to your website quickly.
  • You start off all your campaigns in the right direction without any work from you.
  • You start building immediate brand awareness, custom targeting data, & more traffic.
  • We tailor your ads based on motivated sellers and your brand.
  • Your business remains the owner of your Facebook account. So all the optimization work we do, as well as all the ad designs, and your account quality scores, remain your property, even if you never work with us again.

The Nitty Gritty

We will set up

  • 5 x Campaign Creation
  • 7-10+ x Ad Set Creation (dependent on data provided & budget)
  • 7-10+ x Dynamic Ads (each has 15+ variations of that ad that will be shown)
  • Multiple Campaign Strategies – Top of Funnel, Lead Generation, Retargeting & Brand Awareness.
  • Recommended Budget

What Happens After You Start Your Ads?

You now have live ads that are generating traffic, data & leads, what now? With this plan it is up to you to optimize and change your ads as time goes on according to the results and data that you receive. We don’t want you to feel alone on this so we’ve come up with the Hybrid Management Plan that you are now eligible for after purchasing the Facebook QuickStart.

The Hybrid Management Plan

  • Upon your request Silver Street will go back in to your account, optimize your ads and make any changes we would make if we were actively managing the ads.
  • There is no monthly management fee, pay only when you schedule an optimization session.
  • 30 minute call per session where you can take advantage of Silver Street’s experts by asking questions about your account.

How Much Does It Cost?

Facebook QuickStart – $750 (One Time)

Hybrid Management Plan – $250 (only when you use it)

Watch Facebook Ads QuickStart Demo Video

Quick Set Up Demo

Disclaimer: The purpose of the one-time Facebook service is to set you on the right path for self-management. Results will vary. There is a time commitment when managing Facebook accounts and is noted that results from accounts managed by Facebook management company can be higher.

SEO Service is only available to active Carrot Subscribers

Still Have Questions?

We’d love to chat if the above information does not answer all your questions regarding the Facebook Ads Quickstart.